Single & Unattached: The Video (and highlights)

Coast Thru Life is a group of free surfers that just love the style of old-school long boarding i.e. 9 logs, single fins & surfing without a leash (bad ass).

So to celebrate last valentines day they put on a sweet event cleverly called: “Single and Unattached” to which the shameless papa Joncy admitted on stage (at the kick-off party) that he wished Nikki Dela Paz (Coast Thru Life co-founder) was.

Single and Unattached is the first single fin longboard contest in the Philippines. The event pays tribute to the traditional style of surfing single finned logs without a leash. Longboarders from all around the country gathered at Monalisa Point, San Juan, La Union for what was a beautiful event.

Congratulations to Coast Thru Life from putting on an awesome show and congratulations to the Champions.

Junior Division Champ: Jay-R Esquivel

Newly Single Champ: Textback Dalora

Men’s Open: Junior Ventura

Women’s Open: Daisy Valdez

Before we show you the full length video, here are our video highlights.

(1) Mia Sebastian enjoying her banana. (2) girls waving at surfer boys. (3) Just an awesome picture. (4) Carla Sebastian and Nikki Dela Paz playing in the sand.

Mia Sebastian Enjoying Her Banana Single Ladies Waving at Surfers Carla and Nikki Playing In The Sand
Now watch the full video here

Single & Unattached Single Fin Classic

Single & Unattached Single Fin Classic

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