Head of the Department of Good Times: Jeffy O

Jeff Ortega, 23 yrs
La Union Surf School
Officer of Peace & Order
La Union

A man who knows the value of good manners: Jeffy O is probably one of the nicest people you’ll meet on the surf scene. Although he has sites sets on public service (politics) in the future, for now he just uses his terrific negotiation skills to get people to try surfing at La Union Surf School and to get people to have a good time “or just one drink”. His creation, made famous in La Union, known as the “5 minute drink” has been responsible for the beginning of many great nights and many bad hangovers.

“I’m never drinking Emperador light again”
“Why can’t everybody be happy”

IMG_6784bIMG_6784cIMG_6824aIMG_6825a“That last 5 minute drink was a bad idea”IMG_6812 IMG_6781a

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