FAQs and DIY vs Soul Surf Packages.

Many people are asking us if they can buy tickets on their own, what if they want to bring their own transpo, why did we make travel packages instead of just selling tickets etc. Here’s the answers and our DIY Vs Soul Surf Packages, as simple as it sounds we decided to create the festival packages for the convenience of our festival goers and make deciding easy and hassle free, no adding up numbers, no splitting bills later between friends just a simple way to book get there, have an amazing weekend and get home safely (no tired drivers).


Do we sell tickets on their own?
Yes at launionsoulsurf.com or at stoked stores for P2000

Where can we book accommodation if we buy a ticket?
You can still book accommodation through us, if you already have a ticket we will give you a discount on P1500 on the package which is the included price of the ticket if you book a package.

So it’s cheaper to buy a package then to book it separately?

What if we want to bring our own car?
We will deduct the transpo price of P800 from the total package price.

Why was soul surf organised this way? We paid the cost to book out the resorts near the venue to avoid non-festival goers from taking rooms away from festival goers (hotels and resorts in La Union are limited). Soul Surf DIY vs Package Accom Soul Surf DIY vs Package Tickets Soul Surf DIY vs Package Transpo

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